challenge: hot pink midi skirt – look #10

So everyone’s raving about colour-blocking. It’s everywhere. You would literally need to be hiding under a rock not to notice. Even my nana wisely said to me over coffee that bright colours are what the girls are wearing! – I was wearing all black at the time, aka the “cat-suit” as my boyfriend calls it, so perhaps she was simply urging me to bring some happiness into my life.. Regardless, it seems the world has gone bonkers for colours! How can you blame them though.. there’s just a sense of joy about! It’s a hard act to put off though. Not for the faint hearted, only the brave attempt and succeed. Below I’ve put some examples of success from none other than the Man Repeller herself!

I love her fearlessness – though I suppose everyone does, it is after all what she is so famous for! The key to her colour clashing looks I reckon though is balance. On the left for example, she’s got brights from top-to-toe to handbag to “arm party”. On the right she’s made a focal point of her bright shorts and toned down the rest with little spurts of colour. Both gold.

I decided I’d do a colour blocking post myself, but to make it more fun, I thought I’d set myself I challenge and choose the hardest colour to block – hot pink. The usual culprits; blue & yellow, purple & red/orange, seem to be everywhere, so here’s a (hopefully..) somewhat fresher take on the colour block/clash:

(This hot pink skirt is simply amazing! It sits just above the hips and flows elegantly down to below the knee. Stunning with a grey top if you’re not feeling too adventurous. The top is cropped, so it sits just above the navel, meaning there’s a thin band of skin showing – very sexy and refreshing compared to the long layers of winter.)

Halston Heritage skirt, topshop top, ASOS heels & earrings, Zara clutch.

xo sarah


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