tight for time? – look # 25

We all have those days where we slightly sleep in and are then left with a negative amount of time to get ready. The trick with those days is to keep it simple! You don’t have time to try on three different colour combinations to go with your latest colour block skirt only to find out that of the all the red tops you have none of them are the right tone..

Jeans, simple tee and a jacket or cardie is perfect on these days and easy to fine tune to winter or summer. If you’re heading off to work, switch the jeans for black trousers and the tee for a blouse or shirt. Now you may turn around at this point and say, firstly, what a dull outfit, and secondly, how am I supposed to express my inner fashionista in that?! Well, there’s two important bits when it comes to speedy dressing, and one happens a long time before you’re running late.

Invest in good quality and fit. I know you hear it all the time. Every magazine/blog/stylist will mention it at least once a day, but that’s because its true. It’s amazing what a HUGE difference a good fit can make. So take time with it. Search for the right thing for you. You may want to spend a little more, but it’ll be worth it, because you’ll wear it heaps as well as to layer over and bild on.

Next, accessorise! Accessorize knew what they were talking about when they named themselves just that. A bit of jewellery and a scarf completes any outfit. Look out for bold piece that uplift a basic look – such as one you’d put on in a hurry!

J Brand jeans, Kain tank, Tory Burch flats, Erdem scarf, Marc by Marc Jacobs bucket bag, Arms stack (bottom – up) Alexander McQueen, Chan Luu, Marni & Aurélie Bidermann.

xo sarah


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